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Jim with Huey Lewis

     Jim Rogers has been playing and performing professionally for the last 30 years. Jim started taking piano lessons when he was 10 years old but became extremely interested in music in his teens. In high school he started a band that performed for dances and school events. He played harpsichord in the chamber ensemble and was voted best musician in the Helena Capitol High School class of 600 students. He studied music theory at Carroll College through the advanced placement program his senior year in HCHS. He continued his studies at the University of Montana majoring in music composition with emphasis on piano, voice and percussion. Jim also played in and toured Canada with the #1 UM Jazz Band.

     Throughout his university studies he performed in numerous different groups including The BopADips, Big Sky Mudflaps, The Grand Poobahs, M Group, Babylon Rhythm Band, Matt Stivers, Reverend Slanky, Joan Zen, Little Elmo and the Mambo Kings, Ed Norton Big Band, The Northern Lights, three engagements with Huey Lewis, one for a Missoula Food Bank Fundraiser, one featuring Eden Atwood at Missoula Community Theatre and at the Marcus Daly Mansion for a Marcus Daly Hospital fundraiser, as well as many others. He has performed with Coco Montoya (The Blues Breakers), R. Carlos Nakai, and opened for such notable musicians as Chris LeDeux at the University Theatre, and Martina McBride at the Adams Center.

     Jim’s passion is teaching, performing, creating and producing music. Jim is a member of the Missoula Music Teachers Association and teaches piano styles including classical, jazz, and many others. He has given workshops at the U of M demonstrating electronic music using synthesizers, MIDI, and computers, and taught a group piano workshop at the Missoula Alliance Church. He keeps his teaching studio at the cutting-edge using computer software for teaching and recording. Jim has recorded and produced CD’s for Salsa Loca, The Bopadips, The Skurfs, Matt Stivers and demos for Shakewell, and several other groups.

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